Ribomaps | Mapping the Route to Drug Success
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What we do

The meagre return from compound screening activities undertaken by pharma and biotech companies has forced a re-think on how new drugs are discovered and developed.


The ability to gain much deeper levels of insight into biological processes is hugely valuable as it enhances, accelerates and de-risks drug discovery and development. At Ribomaps, this is what we do by harnessing the power of ribosome profiling.

mRNA abundance does not necessarily equate to gene expression. At Ribomaps we use ribosome profiling to provide a complete gene expression analysis service combining translatomics (Ribo-Seq) and transcriptomics (RNA-Seq). Our founders have been at the forefront of Ribo-Seq data interpretation since the Ribo-Seq technique was discovered in 2009. This combined expertise and experience enables us to provide our clients with unique insights and understanding into translational processes. Thus, our comprehensive ribosome profiling approach illuminates the “blind spots” of other functional genomic techniques that rely solely on mRNA abundance measurements. In providing these insights, we support scientists focused on topics such as: drug discovery, drug mode of action, toxicology, biomarker identification, patient segmentation etc.

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Mapping the route to drug success